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A weekend I’ve waited for

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend! Obviously, from the title of this blog, I did!

Since I’ve moved to Nashville, I’ve been waiting for a weekend that felt like it was any other weekend. I know that doesn’t make sense so let me try to help…

Think about your weekends. Do you feel at home at whatever you’re doing? Like it’s just normal to be doing whatever you’re doing, whether it’s going out with friends or even if it’s just staying on the couch all day? That’s what I’ve been looking for. For a weekend where everything felt like normal life.

And this weekend was that. I felt at home.

I didn’t do anything huge, I just had dinner(s) with friends, hung out at houses, went to a movie but it felt like a normal weekend. I haven’t had a normal feeling weekend since I’ve moved here. This is beginning to feel like real life and less like I’m just here for a little while.

So, more specifically, here’s what I did Saturday!

I’ve been wanting to see the movie Jackie for awhile now. My mother loved the Kennedy’s and I’ve always had a little fascination about them because of that, I guess. They were considered the closest thing to royalty America had back in the day. Yet they seemed to have been cursed. Jackie was so good at keeping life private that anything that gives a look into her personal life, I enjoy reading or watching.

Photo courtesy of IMDB.

It was playing at the Belcourt Theatre. The Belcourt is an older theater in the Hillsboro neighborhood in Nashville. It first opened in the 1920s and underwent a huge renovation in 2015. It shows the movies that may not be playing at the big cinemas. Lesser known works.

Before the movie, I had a haircut. It finished early and instead of trying to drive home (because by the time I got there, I’d have to turn around and leave). I just went to Hillsboro and decided to find somewhere to get coffee or a snack to kill time.

I found Fido Cafe!  I had the Danksgiving. It was sweet potato puree, sweetened condensed milk, black walnut extract, rosemary simply syrup, milk and espresso and was probably the best coffee I think I’ve had in a long time. I was a little concerned with the sweet potato. I was afraid it would be too sweet. But it was perfect. I paired it with PB&J cheesecake (I know I’ll have to do extra burpees for that this week but I don’t care. YOLO).

After my friend met me there, we walked over to the Belcourt for the movie.

After that, it was early enough to still do dinner. I had paid for parking (P.S. the Belcourt validates your parking, so park there instead of in the paid parking like I did….) for six hours so we decided to just remain in the area. We walked down the street and found a Ru San’s.

Ru San's - Hillsboro

Ru San’s is a Japanese restaurant that used to be located in the Gulch but recently moved. It’s super cute and I will have to go back in the warmer weather because they have a porch that looks out into the street.

Sushi Saturday

I’ve tried two other sushi places near where I live and have been disappointed. So I was a bit skeptical. But this was good! The atmosphere was fun too, even if it was as cold as the North Pole there!

Sushi selfie

After that, my friend and I parted ways and went to our respective homes. And it was just 8:30 but I was good with that. I don’t feel like I need to go out and close anything down anymore. I wouldn’t have done that back in Arkansas.

I loved it. I called my friend Claire and told her that I was so happy. It felt like real life here for the first time in the four months of living here.

P.S. We had our first snow in Nashville. Look at how cute my pup is!

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