About Me

Honestly Heather is my space (ha! if you were over the age of 14 in the early 2000s, you know why that’s funny) about a girl living in Nashville, Tennesse, enjoying all the things like coffee, concerts and CrossFit.

This is me. And more importantly, this is Brody.

Brody has his own page because he’s that cool (and I’m THAT extra).

So a little about me: I am a newly-minted Nashville resident; formerly from Arkansas. I grew up in a small town where I always thought I’d leave then eventually thought I’d always stay. 2015 changed everything. I saw the end of my career at a company that I had spent the previous 10-years loving. So I began 2016 unemployed. It was actually quite nice at that time. You don’t get many chances to be a grown up and spend the winter hibernating. Eventually, the workforce (and bills) called and I spent some time in a nonprofit. But, it just wasn’t what I was called to do and on a whim, on a summer day in June – I started applying for jobs outside of my precious hometown. The next thing I know, I’ve loaded Brody and a U-Haul full of our home and we were driving to Nashville!

By day, I work in public relations. And by night, I’m enjoying my new home; whether it’s going to a concert, making new friends, working out or just laying on the couch – I’m learning all about where I live and I’m enjoying all that it has to offer!

I enjoy live music, movies, reading, being outside (only when it’s warm), sightseeing and (if you promise not to tell anyone) CrossFit.

Hope you enjoy what you read! If not, don’t tell me.

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