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CrossFit so far

I haven’t talked much about CrossFit so far on this blog, but I think I’m going to start. Because, well, honestly besides work that about all that I have going on!

My CrossFit journey has been a slow moving one.

Last year, before I left Arkansas, I joined a gym (they call them ‘boxes’ in CF lingo) in Branson. It was convenient for me because I could go to the Fundamentals class before or after work. That and I didn’t have to work out in front of anyone I knew. I knew just about everyone at the box in Harrison, plus had sort-of-kind-of dated one of the guys there.

Their fundamentals class was 6 weeks long, I think. It was two days a week. I did it in the middle of the summer. And didn’t hate it. I didn’t get to finish before I got this job. The plan was to immediately join a box here.

But I didn’t. I got lazy.  I think I joined about a month or so after I moved here.

(After reviewing my history, I joined October 15). 

I was very sketchy all the way through the fall to the winter. I would go a few days a week then not go for a week or two…or more. At the beginning of the new year, I decided to get my butt in gear. It’s not cheap here and I was wasting so.much.money not going.

So, in January I got more committed to going. I average about three times a week. Which is okay but not really want my head wants to do! But in the last few weeks, I’ve felt a surge of motivation. It’s because I’m actually seeing some results; not necessarily in my body but in my strength.

My arms and lats feel a little more defined and tight but I’m still struggling with seeing a body change.

But the last few weeks, I’ve seen an increase in the weight I can lift.

(CF lingo: PR = personal record)

I’ve had several new PRs lately! And not just 10 lbs, but 40 lbs or more!

My next step is to start working on the endurance part. I’m not strong there. I LOVE the lifting. I did not think I would enjoy it like I do but I do. But moving….ehh, not so much! I tire quicker!

But after this little surge of noticeable strength, I’m going to commit myself to working on endurance. If I can’t make the gym then I will make myself run. I feel like if I can do that more – then I’ll see more of a difference in my body.

Wish me luck because I do not like cardio!

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