Some days turn into a week

You’ve heard the phrase, “one of ‘those’ days”? Well, that day has lasted a week for me.

I’ve had one of those weeks where I am just tired. So, so, so tired. No matter how much sleep I get, it hasn’t been enough. I go to bed at 9 p.m. and I can barely drag myself out of bed at 7 a.m. #thestrugglehasbeenreal

Needless to say, I’ve not done much else. I haven’t been to the gym once. I haven’t cleaned my house, or done laundry or anything. I haven’t blogged, obvi.

I’ve just been tired.

I don’t know what it’s from either. I did run a lot last weekend when my friends were in town. But I feel like I could have normally gotten over that earlier in the week. I think it’s a few months of stuff catching up.

I can not wait to sleep this weekend.

It’s been one of those weeks.

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