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Here we go again…

Believe it or not, this is not my first blog post. Or first blog. I’ve actually been blogging for years. Several years, as a matter of fact.

And I’ve learned a lot. But apparently, I didn’t learn about managed web hosting so when my previous blog, When You Are Making Plans, was up for renewal…I thought, “Nah…I don’t need them to manage this for me.”

Yes, Heather. Yes, you do.

So, one day I went out to blog about something and………….it was gone. Everything.

I’m working on getting all the old files back – I’m doing some research now. It can’t be that hard to retrieve them. It’s literally only been a few days…

Here’s to hoping.

So why not wait until I get that figured out? Why start over?

Good question!

It’s a new year. And I’ve recently moved and am starting over (for those that are new here). So…why not start over? Now that I’ve learned a little more about blogging since I had started my last one AND I kind of let that one go…it’s the perfect time to start over.

And I have Honestly Heather.

Which you can take in several ways.

The first being, I’m honestly, genuinely me. Which I am. I’m honest. I’m going to be me. I’m not one for a facade.

OR you can take it like, honestly, Heather as in “I’m shaking my head at that girl.” Because sometimes the situations I get in to or the things I’m concerned with or just my life in general is worth shaking your head at.

So, here we go again…(cue Whitesnake.)

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