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I knew living in Music City would be dangerous.

I knew that when I moved to Nashville, it could potentially be dangerous for me. But I don’t think I knew how dangerous…

I’m not talking about the shootings, robbery, or other crime that happens across the city.

I’m talking about concerts.

I live in Music City. The heart of country music. A still up and coming city with an abundance of live entertainment options. And according to my wallet, I’ve been taking advantage of this option.

This week, I was looking at my account balance and was so proud of myself to have a little extra after paying all the bills. I was thinking that I could throw that money into savings to build that back up.

And then I got a presale email about Chris Stapleton tickets.

I have a problem, guys. Like seeeeeeeeeeeeeerious problem:  I’m addicted to concerts like people are addicted to nicotine or caffeine.

Back home, my best bud and I had earned the reputation for being avid concert goers. I didn’t plan on changing too much about that here. But I’m earning a reputation here too.

A few weeks ago a friend offered tickets to me because, “I know you like concerts…” and another commented on a Facebook post that I’ve “seen more concerts than her entire friends list combined.”

I think this week was kind of an eye-opener for me with the Chris Stapleton tickets. I wanted to write down just how many concerts I’ve been to since I’ve been here. Just for fun.

I may have a problem
Nashville concerts

Then I thought it’d be “fun” to total up ticket prices.

It wasn’t.

The total comes to OVER $700. And that doesn’t include three that I’ve been to out of town. Those are JUST the Nashville concerts.  Can someone tell me of a job that pays me to go to concerts??

I tried to make myself feel better by doing additional math. Among all those concerts, there were 24 acts. If you take $700 and divide by 24, that’s about $30 an act.

That’s not bad, right?


I think I need to find a job that pays me to go to concerts or I need to have someone lock me out of Ticketmaster.


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