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I’m doing a horrible job at blogging about my adventures in Nashville. Blame it on sitting at a computer all day. The last thing I want to do is more of that at night. In other news, MacBooks make great table decorations.
I’ve been a resident of Nashville for almost three months! And I’m still loving it!
 My hair is much shorter now

Life is not quite what I thought it would look like, yet. Turns out that making friends as you get older is harder than I thought. I didn’t think it would be that difficult because I’m pretty social but adults are complicated. We have work, in some cases significant others and kids, workout schedules and stuff… It was always easier to make friends, when I was younger, because we generally were taking part in social activities.
Adults, we don’t do much. Including me. If I can make it to the gym at night, then a – I’m lucky. But b – I’m done after that. We all have jobs so going out to eat/get drinks is a lot more work than it’s worth because of early mornings. Then factor in kids – and no way you’re doing social activities.
Besides, when do you cross over to someone being a “friend”? I definitely don’t want to refer to someone as a friend prematurely. Facebook has skewed the idea of “friends” for all of us. Labels are hard, y’all.
So, needless to say the “friend making” is a little slower than I anticipated. It’s okay though. I’ve been good being alone and certainly have not sat around crying about it. I have a bucket list and have been crossing off things in my 82 days here.
img_6848.jpg Not an updated pic

I’ve now completed the following: show(s) at the Ryman, the Parthenon, Belle Meade, Centennial Park, Nashville Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, a Titan Game, Bicentennial park, Pedestrian Bridge and Johnny Cash Museum.
Busy little bee.
Most of these things have been done alone. A few were on separate trips here, before I lived here. And the rest will happen eventually. I don’t really have a timeline on when I plan to accomplish these things. They are just goals to get me out of my house and exploring.
I’ve met a few people. Luckily, my best bud grew up north of here and had a childhood friend that has taken me in. We’ve done dinner a few times since I’ve been here. And she totally rescued me when I woke up with my first ever migraine!
I tried the Tinder thing (go ahead and shame me why don’t you…) but got bored quickly and deleted it. Not before I met a couple of people. I think that part of me is broken; that is, the relationship bone is broken.
But hey, if it gets you a free meal!?
I met the firefighter from Georgia. That was a few weeks after living here. We met at a Mexican place. And I didn’t hear from him again. #ouch
Then I met Stranger Danger Dad. He gets that nickname because your super smart author drove out to HIS house to meet him. Apparently I left my brains in Arkansas? Everything turned out fine and I’ve heard my fair share of @$$chewing so save it. He was harmless. He’s a dad with a gaggle of kids and they were already in bed. So, I went out there and just hung out. We’ve hung out a couple of times since, lunches and one night out on the town. But he’s got a lot going on and just isn’t firing away on the communication skills.
Then there is Mr. Music Producer. Or that’s what he says. I’ve seen my fair share of Catfish episodes to know the tricks to finding someone. He seems legit. But I’m not all impressed at this point. I live in the center of musicians and producers. We’ve yet to hang out, again with the lack of communication skill development with him. So, we’ll see.
Other than that, I’ve just been coasting along. Maybe after the holidays, I can focus more on developing a life.
Or just hibernate. <— that sounds like the best option.
So, that’s life in Nashville after 82 days.
 At the Titans game! Pedestrian Bridge The Opryland/Gaylord tree The Johnny Cash museum The Titans taking the field

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