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Make room on the bandwagon!

Hi, I’m Heather and I’m on the Predator bandwagon. There was plenty of room and because Nashville is the friendliest city in the country, they are very welcoming. 

If you’re not a hockey fan or if you don’t live in the state of Tennessee you may not know that the Nashville Predators are going to the NHL Finals.  Also known as the Stanley Cup.

This time last year, I couldn’t have told you who was going. For that matter, I can’t now. Because I’m not a “real” hockey fan. However, you probably won’t know that from my last few IG posts or stories.

I have no problem admitting that I’m a bandwagon fan. I jumped on when they started winning post-season games. That’s how you say it in hockey, right? Post-season?

I speak football pretty well but this is a new language for me: 

  • “the puck drops”
  • “hat trick”
  • “stack the pads”
  • “wraparound”


Don’t ask me what those means, I don’t know.

I know they hit each other, they slap the puck into the net and that’s a score. I mean, goal.

And I’m learning all this in one of the most superstitious, tradition-filled hockey cities. They throw a catfish on the ice. A catfish. Someone has to sneak that thing in and then they throw it over.

Photo courtesy of Business Insider

None of it makes sense but when you live in a city with a team that’s making history, you get swept right in on the team spirit. I’m a sports fan anyway, I was a cheerleader in high school and that team spirit/cheer on your team mentality never left. I will root for a good team. And the Predators are good.

I’ll ride this bandwagon all the way to the final game – hopefully involving catfish and a large trophy.

Go Preds! #standwithus #smashville

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