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Six months

Today marks six months of living in Nashville. Or…six months of NOT living back home. Six months of living 8 hours from all I’ve known.

SIX months. That’s a half of a year, in case you didn’t do the math.

It’s been a great six months. I would appreciate it staying at this momentum.

Life as I know it…


I’ve found a church that I really enjoy. From the moment I walked in, I felt comfortable, so I stayed. I’ve started serving a few different places. I help backstage occasionally. What does that mean? I’m the person rolling the big TV out on stage and trying to be invisible while the video is playing. I also have helped on the digital team. And I’ve been serving at the West Nashville Dream Center. I love it there! The kids are awesome and the staff…they are SO welcoming! I’ve felt welcomed since night one.

Recently, I’ve started in a small group too. We meet weekly. It’s a group of 30ish ladies. The leader is awesome. She’s good about getting together outside of our regular meetings. We have tickets to a Predator’s game soon!


Work has been good! I feel that I’ve settled in pretty well and grasped the industry quicker than I ever did my previous one! Through all the junk in the last few years, the positive is that I learned and now know how to recognize and appreciate a truly good leader. I think I’ll stick around here for awhile. 😉


I’ve started CrossFit here! I was a little unreliable the first few months.

But since the new year, I’ve upgraded to an unlimited membership so I can go more than three days a week. Before, I felt like I needed to be selective with my workouts since I was limited. It resulted in not going consistently. So, I upgraded. I bought official shoes. I bought an official jump rope (to practice) and if that’s not enough, I REGISTERED FOR THE CROSSFIT OPENS.

I’m actually competing by way of exercise.



I’ve met some great people! Between work, the gym and church, I’ve been able to make some friends and gain a social life! I’ve actually had to be more thoughtful and intentional about staying home at least one night a week.

Fortunately, I also had friends who have friends here and those friends have embraced me.

I’ve been blessed to get visitors too – and more scheduled this spring!!


Ha. Not going there. Yet.


He’s adjusted well! He’s still getting used to the noise of apartment living (honestly, I am too). He can hear the dog-neighbor above us running around and when he does, he barks and chases him through the ceiling. Otherwise, we’ve been exploring dog parks. He has always done well with other dogs, almost too well. He doesn’t know how big he is and plays a little rough. Which could lead to some aggressive/defensive actions which escalates to an issue. And him being a pitbull, I usually get really nervous. But our awesome neighbor invited us out a few weekends ago and he had such a good time. We tried it again on our own and will likely go again this upcoming weekend.

Home sickness:

I haven’t had any. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss my people or even aspects of home. I do. But I haven’t been sad, not once. Which has been such a blessing! I am feeling like this is home now.


I’m learning how to budget because there are so.many options for events. I have to be careful! As for concerts, I’ve seen James Bay, Andy Grammer, Gavin DeGraw, Dierks Bentley, Jon Pardi, and Cole Swindell, so far. But I have several sets of tickets for more shows coming up this year! Stay tuned! I’ve created a bucket list and been getting out. I’ve gone to a couple of Titans games. I have a Pred’s game coming up soon. And I’ve explored a lot of the sites of the city. There are still so many more to see!

Six months in Nashville
Overall, it’s been a great six months. I appreciate all of the kind words from people who supported me during the transition! I will just say that if you have the chance for an adventure…do it. It just might be the best thing you’ve ever done!

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