• Favorite song Friday: Castaway

    I used to laugh at people that said they had celebrity crushes. But it’s real. I have a crush on this guy! And his voice…gah. Castaway.

  • New Kids played this block

    Y’all. Wednesday night, a dream of my childhood came true. I saw New Kids on the Block in concert. A significant part of the soundtrack of my childhood includes NKOTB. I have so many memories of walking Horseshoe Bend Road or laying under a tree in our yard with my headphones to my Walkman covering my ears with the OG boy band blasting in my ears. And last night, 20+ years later, that little girl got her wish to see these guys in concert. I can’t explain how giddy I was. I’ve been to several concerts, so many that it’s kind of a joke and definitely a hobby. I don’t…

  • Favorite song Friday: I Could Use a Love Song

    Because she’s so hot right now. This song. “I could use a love song That takes me back, just like that When it comes on To a time when I wouldn’t roll my eyes At a guy and a girl Who make it work in a world That for me so far just seems to go so wrong..” I Could Use a Love Song. Maren Morris.