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Top 10 things guys do that make me swipe left

When you are participating in online dating, especially those with any of the “swiping” apps, a first impression is CRUCIAL. For me, you have about 2.3 seconds to convince me to read your profile and look at other photos. IF I do proceed with checking you out, there are a few things that can immediately turn me off.

I swipe left if:

  1. You are not smiling. I’m not the biggest fan of my smile, but I still do it! If you aren’t smiling in ONE photo, that makes me think you need to get an attitude adjustment and I’m not up for the job!
  2. You’re flipping off the camera. C’mon, are you 15? Stop.
  3. Your photos are all of you pointing your phone at the bathroom mirror. I don’t like selfies as it is, but if every photo is in your bathroom I’m thinking two things: you’re so vain or you had a fashion show.
  4. All of your photos are selfies – you mean to tell me that you don’t have a single person in your life willing to take a photo of you?
  5. You have at least one shirtless photo. My DB alarm goes off immediately.
  6. You have a flexing in the gym photo. I enjoy the gym too. I enjoy seeing results in my body. But I do not enjoy seeing yours.
  7. 5 of the 6 photos are memes. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one.
  8. The majority of your photos are of you surrounded by girls. I get it, you have girl friends…you’re desirable…blah, blah. But you’re on a dating app, no girl wants to see you with a bunch of other girls. We don’t like the competition.
  9. You are an “entrepreneur” – too many times I’ve learned this is another way to spell “unemployed.”
  10. It looks like a child wrote your bio. Sorry, not sorry. I write for a living and spelling, grammar and punctuation are things I care about.

I’m not saying these need to be a standard for you to go by, it’s just something that I’ve used as a guideline.

Good luck out there – love is a battlefield.

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