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Welcome to my world

I feel like I’ve done this “introduction” thing a lot. Probably because this isn’t my first blog. But because this is a new blog, and Google Analytics has told me there are new people around (haha, busted), I will introduce myself.

You may be new around here and not even know what I mean by “new blog” – there was an old blog?

I’ll get there…but first. About me:

I’m Heather.

I’m in my early/mid-30s and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. No, I am not an aspiring country music star, although if you want to invite me to your girl band – I can play one hell of a radio. I work in public relations for a company that’s based here.

I moved here in September 2016 after a year of some crazy job junk in my life. I grew up in Arkansas and didn’t venture too far for college (SMSU Bears alumni!). But I always wanted to. I had some big city dreams that kept me from really settling in in my own hometown. I got to a point though, after so many rejections, that I believed that was where I was going to be. I began to settle in and come to terms with spending my life there. I wasn’t sad. I believe in bigger man with a better plan so I trusted the process.

And he did, I was ousted from my job of 10 years, spent some time at a nonprofit but was not happy. So on a whim (I’ll always remember it was my Grandma’s birthday 6/20, which is already an emotional day), I applied to jobs outside of Arkansas.

A month later, I was being offered a job in Nashville and a month after that, the U-Haul backed into my driveway to load all of my stuff.

I don’t have a significant other or kids. Unless you count my four-legged dependent, Brody.

He’s a 4-year old pit bull mix. We’ve been best buds for three years. I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have done this without him. I’d love to get another one but renting is hard enough with one. If I do settle somewhere again, Brody will get a sister.

speaking of family, I have two sisters, two nieces and one nephew and a mother that I left back in Arkansas. The kids were cute when they were little, now they are just little punks. Just kidding. I love them.

I have three BFFs (or besties for you millennials and below). They are my world!

my best buds

Our friendships vary but span 20 years. We are so alike and so different that it makes everything fun. We are all adjusting to this change but I see lots of road trips in our future. 🙂

So about the other blog, I’ve been blogging for a long time. Long before I knew what blogging was or how to do it. Actually, I’m not even sure I know how to blog now.

I had my computer whiz friend set up a url for me awhile back and wrote there for some time. But it expired and I lost everything. So I purchased my own (whenyouaremakingplans.com) and blogged there for a couple more years. But I didn’t pay attention to reading what hosting and all that stuff meant and I let it expire. Again, losing everything. So I started over. I was kind of ready to anyway. I feel like this could be more “me.”

I enjoy all kinds of events! I love live music so living in Nashville is perfect. I spend my money on: shoes, concerts, CrossFit and Brody.

So that’s me, in a nutshell. But you’ll learn more as we go!

And another pic of Brody because he’s just the best. This pretty much sums us up: me begging for his attention.

Always begging for his attention


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