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Well, hey there.

I haven’t logged into this blog in sometime.  I love writing but when you write for a living, it’s really difficult to sit down and write more in your free time. But I figured it was about time to update anyone that may read this.

And free time? That’s not something I’ve had a lot of. Thus, another reason I haven’t posted a blog in a while.

And, I just haven’t been able to write about anything interesting. Not that I’ve not done anything interesting, because I have. Nashville is always interesting, but I just haven’t wanted to write about it.

And now we’re back to excuse one.

So – that’s why I haven’t posted in awhile. But I logged in today to dust off the ol’ keyboard and write something…anything..about life lately.

On Monday, it will be 8 months since I moved to this city. And five months since I’ve been home. But also on Monday, I will be home. I’m heading out this weekend for a week back in Arkansas.

I’m ready. I realized the other day that I have not been within a 13 mile radius of my home in almost 5 months. I didn’t even notice it! The city is so new and still has so many things I haven’t done that I haven’t gotten bored. I have, however, become very weary of the pace. I need a slow-down. I need less traffic. I need less sirens. I need small-town – for just a bit.

So to say that I’m anxious to go home is an understatement. I am aware that once I start nearing the end of the week there, I will be so ready come back home (here home). And I don’t see anything wrong with that. I consider myself lucky to have two places that I consider home and that I have an endearing love for.

Bring on Arkansas. I’m ready for a break. But I’ll be back Nashville. I love you too much to leave you right now.

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